What’s Real?

I’ve been thinking about authenticity lately.  Not the precise, indisputable, dependable kind, but the genuine kind.  The honest-to-goodness, tried-and-true, take-me-as-I-am kind of authenticity.

It’s the opposite of fake.

Mama w:ducklingsPrecious baby ducks have been swimming around the pond in our apartment complex lately.  They huddle together following their mama, trusting her completely to lead them to safe waters and good things to eat. They don’t seem to worry about the fact that they can’t fly.  They don’t seem bothered by their stubby feathers or undeveloped quacks.  They are content to be ducklings.  What else could they be?

They barely resemble this blue rubber ducky.Blue Ducky

The Lord is near to all, to all who call on him in truth.  Ps. 145:18

Hmmm. I don’t think God wants my rubber ducky faith… the faith that is smooth and well shaped, but has no life, no room for growth.  He doesn’t want to see me pretending to need him, but secretly thinking I have to do it all on my own.

I don’t think my friends want to see that either.

They want to know I don’t have it all together.  The places I question if God cares, if God is listening, if he’ll come through.  They want to see my struggles… stubby feathers and all. In that authenticity, they can draw near.

It’s not pretty.  But, it’s real.

And if I ever want to fully realize the beauty in who God has made me to be, I have to learn to be OK with reality… I have to be willing to risk failure and show where I’m broken. Because, I’m learning, that’s how I truly reflect Jesus… how I truly show I’m his.  What else could I ever want to be?


So Father, draw near to me as I call out to you in truth.  The honest-to-goodness cry of my heart is that I need you.  I am truly lost without you. I ask you to reveal places in my life where I am pretending, where I’m offering you less than my whole heart.  Let every word and meditation of my heart be real before you.  Thank you, Father.  I’m yours. 


c Julie Sanders 2013